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Meet the Team

Regina Chukwunyere

The Founder of Renovate Law, a curious mind and a legal enthusiast. She graduated with 2:1 Bachelors degree in Law from Northumbria University and a 1st class Masters degree in International Trade and Commercial Law at the University of Durham. As a young and vibrant mind she intends to contribute to the automation of law through the use of AI in legal research.


Sean Kempton

Sean founded Tisquantum Ltd in 2017 to create Artificial General Intelligence. AGI has been described as the third wave of AI, and is about creating machines that think and learn like humans do.

Sean was previously a lead Enterprise Architect, helping national and multi-national organisations to realise their Digital Business ambitions, lower cost, and become more competitive.

He is a good communicator and strategic thinker with over 25 year’s experience across a wide variety of market verticals, including health, insurance, telecoms, oil & gas, defence, retail and manufacturing.

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